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Church of South India

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Warren, MI 48091, USA.


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Women’s Fellowship:

Our women’s fellowship group plays a pivotal role in the life of our congregation. Serving as the spiritual backbone of our church, they actively engage in various activities to nurture the faith in our church community.

The Women’s group gathers on the third and fourth Sundays after the service for their regular meetings, creating a space for shared experiences and sisterhood. They delve into Bible studies and prayer sessions, fostering spiritual growth and unity. Their dedication extends to participating in fasting prayer meetings held on Saturdays of every month.

The first Sunday of September holds a special significance as Women’s Sunday, allowing women the unique opportunity to lead and conduct the entire service, showcasing their integral role in our church family.

Beyond the confines of our church, these remarkable women generously contribute to various charities and mission work. Notably, they extend their support to the Mysore Mission in India, a mission field overseen by the Women’s fellowship in Kerala. Through their collective efforts, our women’s fellowship group exemplifies a commitment to both local and global outreach, embodying the spirit of compassion and service.


Women’s Fellowship Committee members:


Representative to Church Committee: Sheeba Jiju

Secretary: Daisy Cherian

Treasurer: Beula John

Social Hour Coordinator: Sheela Mathews



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