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Church of South India

Congregation of Great Lakes

4250 E. 11 Mile Road

Warren, MI 48091, USA.


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Youth Group:

Our Youth Group is a lively part of our congregation, meeting every Friday evening for fellowship and prayer at a member’s home. Youth Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, showcasing their active involvement in the church. They take the lead in conducting Sunday services every alternate month.

Beyond the routine activities, the Youth Group serves as a channel for fostering spiritual growth, camaraderie, and leadership skills among our younger members. In recognizing the importance of our Youth Group, we celebrate their contributions and encourage their continued involvement, as they not only shape the present-day direction, but also contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of our church community.

Youth Group Committee members:


Representative to Church Committee: Isaac Abraham

Vice President: Annika Mathews

Secretary: Daniel Cherian

Treasurer: Isaiah Thomas

Public Relations Coordinator: Aishwarya Abraham




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